NAFI’s mid-Atlantic region began offering youth services in 1988. Since that time, the region has been providing cutting edge services that are designed to address the needs of youth and families and enhance the safety of communities. The NAFI Mid-Atlantic Region has proven to be instrumental to the success of the youth, families, and communities we serve and responsive to assessed needs from state-agencies. NAFI has provided decades of successful and creative service to youth in residential care who are involved with the juvenile justice system in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Today, NAFI Mid-Atlantic’s focus in Virginia continues to be on providing well-rounded service options to support youth in the least restrictive environment possible. Our Loudon County Youth Shelter is designed to manage crisis and safely return youth back into their communities, whenever possible. Our programming operates on person-centered principles with overall goals focused on measurable efforts to minimize disruptive episodes (hospitalizations, youthful offending, absences from school, and lengthy out-of-home placements) and maximize the use of natural, community-based care to attain our goals of keeping families intact, where possible, and minimizing recidivism